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Criminal Defense Issues

Being charged with a criminal offense in Delaware is a serious situation that requires competent and experienced representation. Finding your way through the justice system can be a long and difficult process and an attorney from the Eaby Firm, LLC can be there with you.

  • Preliminary Hearing – This hearing takes place soon after your arrest to determine if there is sufficient probable cause to support the charges. While the State has very little to prove at this hearing, it may be possible to negotiate with the State for a plea to a misdemeanor charge to resolve the case quickly and avoid the possibility of a felony conviction.
  • Arraignment – You are given the opportunity to enter into a plea of guilty or a plea of not guilty and request either a jury trial or a trial by judge. An attorney can assist you in deciding on the best way to proceed.
  • Case Review – These court appearances provide an opportunity to discuss the case with the State and to attempt to resolve the case prior to trial. Having an attorney represent you at these hearings could be beneficial.
  • Final Case Review – This is your last opportunity to accept a plea. An attorney can negotiate with the State to attempt to ensure that, if you wish to accept a plea, that the plea is fair and acceptable.
  • Trial – Whether by judge or by jury, a trial is no laughing matter. We have been trained in questioning witnesses, in cross examination, and in the presentation of evidence. A trial will determine whether you are guilty or not guilty.

The Eaby Firm, LLC will discuss your case with you, review the evidence, negotiate with the State, defend you in court, and provide sound legal advice on the best ways to proceed with your case.

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